“And the servants of the Compassionate are those who are admonished by the command of Allah do not fall down there at, deaf and blind.” – (Al-Furqan)
“And the servants of the Compassionate are those who do not commit adultery.” – (Al-Furqan)
“Blissful are the believers and those who turn away from everything vain. ” – (Al-Mominoon)
“Blissful are the believers and those who turn away from everything vain; ” – (Al-Mominoon)
“And let there be among you a community calling others to good and commanding equity and forbidding evil.” – (Al-Imran: 104)
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Standard Courses


Pre School

Lower Elementary

Upper Elementary

English English English
Urdu Urdu Urdu
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Related Arts Related Arts Related Arts
Islamic Education Islamic Education Islamic Education
Indoor / Outdoor Activities Islamic History Islamic History
Music Social Studies Social Studies
Games Computer Computer
Science Science
Games Games


Develop basic understanding of numbers and geometrical concepts by relating to real life problems.


Develop understanding of laws of the nature to the pupil by relating science to life around them.


Develop basic skills to use computer for research and developing reports and presentations.


Related Arts
Encourage students to explore and express their imaginative and creative skills through different mediums.


Physical Education
Develop basic athletic and sports skills of the students.



English & Urdu
Proper use of language.

Understanding of basic grammar and development of enough vocabulary to help child read and understand Quran.


Religious Education

Islamic Education
To understand duties and requirements of a practicing Muslim and norms for living a social life.

Islamic History
Develop understanding of Islamic history and knowledge about prophets and heroes in our history.