“And the servants of the Compassionate are those who are admonished by the command of Allah do not fall down there at, deaf and blind.” – (Al-Furqan)
“And the servants of the Compassionate are those who do not commit adultery.” – (Al-Furqan)
“Blissful are the believers and those who turn away from everything vain. ” – (Al-Mominoon)
“Blissful are the believers and those who turn away from everything vain; ” – (Al-Mominoon)
“And let there be among you a community calling others to good and commanding equity and forbidding evil.” – (Al-Imran: 104)
  • A project of Adabistan-e-Soophia Trust.


In short, a purely activity based program to develop pupil’s various skills. Our prime focus is on;


  • Learning through activities
  • Learning from your surroundings
  • Application in daily life
  • Character building through ‘Ibadah’, ‘Akhlaq’ and ‘Aadaab’
  • Producing true followers of Quran and Sunnah i.e. Progressive Practicing Muslims
  • Application of Quran and Sunnah in daily life
  • Less stress on written work


Our education program encourage students to explore and question, to seek solutions, make informed decisions, and solve problems to demonstrate tenacity and to express themselves confidently. We believe that the textbooks and programs are only foundational tools to assist the teacher in delivering curriculum to the students. The real thing is how the teacher presents and blends the topics with the real life situations around them.


Students are provided with opportunities to develop their information gathering and communication skills. Expand their horizons through enquiring, exploring and decision making in order to excel in the present, whilst helping to shape the future.


We give special emphasis on moral grooming of our students and teaching them norms of an Islamic society. Students are also trained in recitation of Holy Quran in proper way in their Tajweed class and learning of Duas and Surahs in their Islamiyat class. Students are taught about the importance of developing a character that befits a Muslim. On one hand, if they are taught about ‘Ibadah’, on the other hand, they are also taught about ‘Akhlaq’ and ‘Aadaab’.


We believe teaching Islam is not only about learning basic duties such as praying. It is, teaching the children manners as well as cleanliness and remembrance of Allah. Teachers show them how to act as Muslims on daily basis. Something, as simple as having the children wash their hands and saying ‘Bismillah’ before they eat or saying ‘Alhamdulilah’ when they are done. Students are taught healthy social attitudes and a spirit of humanity, providing the ethical foundations and social skills to guide them through life.