“And the servants of the Compassionate are those who are admonished by the command of Allah do not fall down there at, deaf and blind.” – (Al-Furqan)
“And the servants of the Compassionate are those who do not commit adultery.” – (Al-Furqan)
“Blissful are the believers and those who turn away from everything vain. ” – (Al-Mominoon)
“Blissful are the believers and those who turn away from everything vain; ” – (Al-Mominoon)
“And let there be among you a community calling others to good and commanding equity and forbidding evil.” – (Al-Imran: 104)
  • A project of Adabistan-e-Soophia Trust.

Director’s Message

Director's Message

AEST, Adabistan-e-Soophia Trust is the parent body of a remarkable group of educational institutions with a focus on giving our nation generation upon generation of students who can represent this nation as a modern, progressive, practicing Muslim.
Adabistan-e-Soophia was founded in 1946 as an institution where Muslims could send their children without the fear of losing their progeny to an alien culture.
The main policy of the Trust is to instill strong moral, religious and ethical values in the students along with giving them the best possible education keeping abreast of the requirements of modern times.
The Trust has provided thousands of students with high aims of achieving the best in their worldly professions while maintaining the decorum of a true practicing Muslim.
Throughout its history of 67 years The Trust has had an unwavering dedication to serving the nation through its commitment to education, imparting of knowledge, grooming and guiding the students according to the teachings of Holy Quran & Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
This legacy of 67 years of excellence has yielded an exceptional educational environment in which a highly qualified, committed and experienced faculty members strive to create an ideal learning environment for young people.
AEST is one of those few organizations in the country who starting from independence of Pakistan, has provided given an opportunity to its people to choose an institute where equal importance is given to the modern day education and development and understanding of being a good practicing Muslim.
People who are conscious of this fact have always chosen AEST for educating their next generations. We are proud of the fact that our students have not only consistently performed well in their academic achievements but also in co-curricular activities.
AEST under its umbrella has four institutions registered with the education department, BISE and Cambridge:

  • Adabistan-e-Soophia School (AES) for Girls
  • Adabistan-e-Soophia School (AES) for Boys
  • Soophia College of Arts and Sciences (SCAS)
  • L’ècole

I invite you to come and visit us and learn more about how we work and see what important contribution we are making towards the up-bringing of students whose aim is to be the best in this world and to earn the best for the world hereafter as well.
Khawaja Muhammad Asim
Executive Director
Executive Trustee