L’ècole is an institution which focuses on giving our nation generation upon generation of students who can represent the country as modern, progressive, practicing Muslims.

The main policy of the school is to instill strong moral, religious and ethical values in the students along with giving them the best possible education keeping abreast of the requirements of modern times.

L’ècole promises an exceptional educational environment in which a highly qualified, committed and experienced faculty members strive to create an ideal learning environment for young people.

I invite you to come and visit us and learn more about how we work and see what important contribution we are making towards the up-bringing of students whose aim is to be the best in this world and to earn the best for the world hereafter as well.

Khawaja Muhammad Asim
Executive Director



L’ecole started its journey in 2007 aiming to provide a platform for educating young students with contemporary knowledge with proper terbiya as a practicing Muslims. Over the years we have not only established ourselves as one of the leading schools in academics but have also shown our talent in co-curricular activities.


The mission of L’ècole is to provide the best possible education as also to mould strong religious and moral character of our younger generations. We aim to produce talented youngsters who would distinguish themselves by their knowledge, competence, religious, humanitarian and moral standards.

The pupils are groomed to approach all types of problems in a positive and constructive manner, to respond to the requirements of ever changing world, to show tolerance and respect to others and to serve their religion, society, country and humanity in the most befitting manner.


  • Executive Director

    Khawaja Muhammad Asim Saeed Civil Engr.

  • Director

    Aliya Asim MSc. Psychology

  • Ms. Nadeema

  • Physics

    Muhammad Iftikhar Babar M.Sc.

  • Muhammad Asif B.Sc/ M.A education

  • Hafiz Zafar Iqbal M.A Urdu/Islamiyat

  • Sir Rizwan Khalil Ms. Phsyics

  • Sir Ayub PGD (ELT), M.A English, Urdu

  • Sir Aziz M. Phil (English)

  • Ms. Safeeda Sarwar M.A English

  • Ms. Rashida M. Din M.Sc. Zoology / B.Ed

  • Ms. Shazia Irshad M.S Chemistry

  • Rahsad Hassan M.Sc. Maths. B.Ed

  • Sir Zubair M.Sc. Statistics

  • Farah Irshad M.A Urdu/B.Ed

  • Syeda Taqdees M.A Pak Study

  • Abida Nadeem M.A English

  • Asifa Amjad M.Sc. Physical Education

  • Hafiza Ammara B.A, Hafiza 4 Years Alama

  • Namra Tayyaba M.Sc. Statiwstics

  • Ayesha Chaudhry BS (Hons) Biochemistry

  • Rabia Danish M.A Education

  • Sadaf Abid B.Sc. Hons

  • Warda Kalsoom B.S Hons.

  • Tayyaba Yousaf M.A Political Science

  • Shazia Tayyab M.A / B.Ed. (Pak Std.)

  • Saba Riaz BBA / B.Com

  • Hafiza Ammara B.A, Hafiza 4 Years Alama

  • Unaza Aziz B.Sc. Eng.

  • Umme Kalsoom B.Sc.

  • Hifz Class Class Teacher

    Hafiz Abdul Rehman Hafiz (Fil-Uloom Il-Islamia Wal-Arabia)

  • Faisal Shafiq M. Com

  • Mahira Shahzad M.A English Literature

  • Anum Nabi B.Sc. Hons (Microbilogy)

  • Azka Ahsan B.Sc (Double Maths)

  • Abida Majeed Master of Science (Commerce)

  • Numeera Baqa Khan M.Sc. Zoology

  • Muhammad Safeer M.A Islamic Studies

  • Sadia Baig MCS (computer science)

  • Junior Science, Urdu, maths, English

    Huma Azam M. A (Education)

  • Pre Class Teacher

    Ayesha Atta B.Com

  • Junior Urdu, Science, Maths, English

    Sidra Yaseen B. S (Hons) – (Sociology)

  • Munnaza Jabeen Master in English

  • Tuba Amjad Butt BS (Hons.) Major Economics

  • Haroon Rasheed F.A

  • Middle Science

    Amna Waheed M. Phill (Enviromental Science) / B. Ed

  • Junior Urdu, Science, Maths, English

    Saima Jabeen B.Sc Double (Maths) & (Stats)

  • Middle Geography

    Beenish Qureshi M. A. (Mass Communication)

  • Middle Urdu

    Farhat Chaudhary M. A (Urdu), B. Ed.

  • Asma Tufail M. Sc Librarian